Hello, hi! My name’s Sian and this (Tea Tree) is my favourite beach in the world! I moved to Noosa from Melbourne two years ago.  I had been passing through on a road trip around Australia but as soon as I arrived, I was smitten. Just a few weeks later my partner and I found a home and we’ve lived here ever since! I love surfing, being around awesome people, camping and heading out for pizza and margaritas on a Friday night. I’ve recently launched my own sustainable business ‘Pleasant State’ so that’s consumed a lot of my attention lately. But working from home up here in Noosa has been the perfect balanced base.

Describe your perfect three days at this beach.

There have been SO many. You need to park at the National Park and walk for about 10 minutes to get to Tea Tree Bay. The longboard can be a bit heavy but as soon as you walk around the cliff and see the bay waiting for you in the distance it’s all worth it. When you surf at Tea Tree, particularly early morning, I always say it feels like I’m in Jurassic Park. With mist over the mountains, birds that sound like Pterodactyls (I had no idea that that was how you spell that word but let’s go with it), and not a building in sight. It’s such a rare, secluded place in this day and age.

Top 3 days/experiences would be: 

  1. When my friend and I shared a wave with Dolphins.
  2. One windy morning I was surfing bumpy waves and feeling grumpy when all of the sudden a whale breached in the distance.
  3. Rainy sunsets with rainbows and turtles. 

Iconic must see spots?

Tea Tree for sure. But if you’re in the area do the National Park Walk to Hells Gates. And if you’re keen for some nice fat quiet waves, walk just past Tea Tree Bay to Granite Bay at sunrise for the golden hours of all golden hours.

Your beach day essentials?

Bulk Sunscreen, and zinc. You need to lather it up here.
A nice thin quick dry towel.
I love surfing in a baggy tied up t-shirt, keeps you cool and protects from the sun.
An esky filled with ice cold ginger beers waiting for me on the beach.

Favourite book you've read this summer?

This One Wild and Precious Life - A much needed reminder that now is the time to be bold!

Favourite insta handle?

@zippyseven. She’s my creative inspiration and just all down vibe goals.

Go to summer recipe?

Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Honey Soy Tofu! The type that comes pre-marinated at the supermarket...it’s worth the splurge.

Summer drink of choice?

A Margi! Every damn day if I could 🤣

Top health or beauty tip?

Focus on yourself and being happy and the rest will follow. Sleep, wear sunscreen, drink water and love your mates and you’ll be glowing in no time my love. 

Favourite Piece in the collection?

I’m a sucker for anything baggy so the Tea Tree Tee is perfect for me! Tuck it into denim shorts, chuck on my connies add some gold hoops and off I go. It might be a bit cheeky but I also love wearing it in the surf, tied up with a scrunchy. For me it’s all about comfort and keeping cool up here so I need something that breathes.


All images by Sian Murray.

Tea Tree Bay Image by David Willcock.