1 Clarence Street, Hyde Park.


We would love to introduce you to the gorgeous Georgie Todd. She’s currently selling our home, so as a shameless use of you all on our social media we would love you to help Binny & Georgie find this lovely girl a new home. As real estate is so hot right now, and so is our agent we thought we would delve into the cracking pace of the day in the life of a real estate agent.


Have you ever seen the market as it is now?

I have not seen the market this hot in 14 years of selling real estate. We are seeing less properties launching to the market which is creating a huge surge in buyer activity and a surge in prices. It’s an exciting time to be a part of real estate.

What's the main factors driving it you feel?

Lack of properties on the market, travel restrictions & interstate and overseas expats returning home- including interstate folk that are realising that Adelaide is the place to be!

We can’t travel so what else is there to do but save for a house. With the realisation that we are spending more and more time at home, buyers are seeing more value and importance of a comfortable home environment. 

What's the most insane questions you have ever been asked?

Haha there are so many! Where to start….I guess my favourite buyer one liners are:

  • Walking out of a two story house and saying it doesn’t suit them because it's two story.
  • “Is this house for sale?” as the buyer walks through the gate past a sold flag and signboard which says for sale.
  • Phone call - buyer asks, “Can you give me more detail on that house you have for sale?” ... no further context.

Do you ever get a day off? What’s your top tips for somehow switching off from such a non stop pace?

I do try and maintain some sort of work life balance. If you’re tired you can’t be working at your best. So I do try and take at least one day off per week. However… do I stick to that full day off and not answer calls or emails… very rarely.

Although I have recently returned from Gwinganna and I am focussing on dedicating more time to my work life balance. I plan to do a health retreat once a year to switch off and reset. Wish me luck.

Do you think Binny purposely named her collection ‘The Green Mare’ to tie in with the selling of her house, with its incredible backdrop of green palms, green door & horse accoutrements throughout?

Take one step into Clarence Street and you will instantly see Binny's style, it's all over the walls, beds, pillows! So did she name the collection after her house or style the house whilst inspired by the collection… All I know is that me along with the buyers are loving it!

If you weren’t selling houses what would you like to sell instead?

Definitely fashion in some way shape or form. I love it and it’s my second passion, after Real Estate.

Your type of dream home?

I’m torn between old homes with character and but I also love anything completely sleek & modern so, I would happily have both!

Best tip for selling a home?

Price it right from the beginning, style it beautifully, and get back to every single buyer as soon as you can.

How long is it going to take you to find Binny her new place?

I am on a mission to find the next Binny House! On the lookout already… stay tuned…

Favourite piece from ‘The Green Mare’ Collection?

TRICKY! Well I have the Queen Charlotte midi dress and love that! I also love the Hyacinth linen shirt with the ric-rac trim. The colour palette is gorgeous with these two items.

The Shadowfax cotton broderie shirt is a staple! Loving that for an everyday work shirt or it can easily be dressed up. Oh and the Emancipation linen/viscose shirt is also a keeper…. I could go on…