Now You Are Here?

As the sun prickles your skin,
The breeze caresses your hair.
Think of all you are grateful,
Of all whom you care.
Life can be overwhelming, 
The days, the weeks, the years. 
Expectations versus reality,
The laughter, smiles and tears.
There’s a lot to take in,
To find your place on this earth,
To carve out your niche,
To discover your worth.
It can be daunting to see
The achievements of others.
But you’ve just yet to unlock
Your rainbow of colours. 
Life is so short
You realise with age.
To take in the moments,
To see past the beige.
For in the mundane,
In the cracks in the path,
Is a journey ahead,
Unknowing and vast.
Think of your life
As a series of postcards.
Little moments to cherish,
To keep close to your heart. 
Anonymous to many
But important to few.
Life’s not about everything
But finding small things with value.
You arrived on this planet 
From a place of unknown.
A life full of purpose,
To flourish and grow.
Aligned were the stars
Against the darkness of night,
Now you are here
The world feels right.
words by  Phoebe Ghorayeb @modelappetite