Mothers Day with Kowsh from Kiko.

Mother's Day in Five Minutes with the incredible Kowsh from Kiko.

Tell us about your family & your other child, your business?

My family is my whole world, metaphorically and quite literally. Kiko is a family owned business so Josh and I have been working together, every single day in each other’s company for almost the last 7 years, give or take when one of us is away on a project. Our baby girl who is almost 3 came early, whilst I was in the middle of the last wedding of the season and has grown immersed in the chaos and beauty of our flower studio. We have worked really hard to build Kiko Design into a space where we no longer feel that it’s a traditional workplace. We surround ourselves with people who we adore, we bring in our fur friends cue Finn our golden hunk, drink copious amounts of coffee, listen to bad music and create really beautiful things, it stopped feeling like “work” a while back.

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What is your favourite way to spend Mother’s Day?

I’ve not known a Mother’s Day away from being in the mayhem of processing flower orders, however, given the opportunity I would love a slow morning with brekky at home and a trip to the playground and dog park.Kowsh wears Binny 'Daffodil' Pj Set Shop Now. Her Daughter wears Binny ‘Lily' Kid Pj Set Shop Now.

If there were no holds budgets, what is your absolute dream Mother’s Day scenario?

The sky is the limit! Oh, this is an easy one! Jet me off on a private plane to a tropical island where the water is warm, and the food is spicy!
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Reflecting on your journey as a mother, what are some of the most fulfilling or life changing aspects of motherhood that you've encountered thus far?

Many of the fulfilling moments that have caught me, have been some of the most simple ones. On a recent Sunday morning, our daughter woke up in our bed after recovering from a night terror in her own. Hearing her string together a sentence of how happy she was to wake up with her family really hit home, how we blinked, and she’s already her own little person with her own thoughts and feelings, It's so very simple but also very special.
Kowsh wears Binny 'Daffodil' Pj Set Shop Now. Kowsh daughter wears Binny ‘Lily' Kid Pj Set Shop Now

We laugh often at the things we say, sounding so like our own Mum. Thinking back on the influence of your own mother or mother figures, what lessons or values do you carry forward into your own journey of motherhood?

I’ve had the pleasure of being raised by a village of the strongest, most talented and graceful women. My mum, in addition to this has had such a significant influence on my life, she is undoubtedly the hardest working person I know. The lessons and values passed down from her that I have carried with me into my journey of motherhood would circle around resilience, overcoming adversity, not allowing society or people to define a woman’s role or capability.Kowsh wears Binny ‘Hydrangea' Robe Shop Now & 'Daffodil' Pj Set Shop Now.

ck Five.
Favourite Flower?

I cannot possibly pick one, but if given no choice, I would stick to a bougainvillea

Favourite Book?
Call me by your name

Favourite Drink?
Coffee always and forever

Instagram handle?

Favourite Place?

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