Five question’s in five minutes with our dear friend Prue from 'Poppet'. 


Tell us a little about you & your connection to Binny?

Binny and I went to the same school & she was friends with my big sister. We reconnected years later, having both moved to Sydney, away from friends & family in SA. Our shared bond like a lot of people who move interstate is in the importance of supporting one another in life, friendship & as a support system when we were far from our old homes & building new ones.



Can you tell us how you get inspired & how you started painting?

Looking back on my childhood there were a lot of creative influences and I was always happiest when I was drawing, painting or making something. My sister, Jess and I used to spend hours making storybook inspired families from gumnuts and leaves and selling them to our very kind elderly neighbours. I was usually inspired and still am today by the beauty of the natural environment: flowers, plants, fruit, butterflies. I am also very detail oriented. I love observing unexpected colour combinations and tiny details and the way light and shade create shapes and depth. 

As school became more demanding I opted into more traditional academic subjects, considering art more of a hobby. When I started working and life took over I simply lost the time to create and in a way forgot about it. 

It took a global pandemic, the opportunity to slow down and spend more time at home, for me to realise how much I'd missed creating. I decided I wanted to send cards to the family and friends I missed during lockdowns and so I picked up an old paintbrush and had a go. The thing I love the most about creating art is that there is no right and wrong and mistakes can always be fixed.

Favourite flower, book & Instagram account?

Flower: Hydrangea for their colour, Boronia for their frangrance

Book: Where the Crawdads Sing (fiction), Indistractible (non-fiction)

Instagram account(s): @degournay (artistic inspiration), @binnywear (all things fashion), @jacketcurated (interiors to die for), @jettyviewatmypongabeach (dreamy secluded private beachfront hideaway)

What’s your favourite look from the Binny x Poppet Collaboration, how would you style it & where would you wear?

How do you choose! I have one of each and I love them all equally. I'm looking forward to wearing "Poppies" to mothers day lunch at Catalina. I'll style it very simply with a nude heel to allow the stunning print to have its moment. Looking at the forecast, probably a nude coat as well. 



Top five dream guests at your dinner table?

David Attenborough, Meryl Streep, Brene Brown, Hugh Jackman, Bill Gates