Made In South Australia.

Initially we went searching for local Woolmark 100% Australian Wool. With the dream to use the family farm fleece as our own trackable fleece to shop floor. We, with the help of local manufacturing, now have the possibility of making that dream a reality.

It’s all now become part of something larger, though.

A bigger picture of constantly striving to make our business the best it can be. If we can do things locally we do. If we can do something in a more ethically and environmentally sound way, we will. If we can continue to help build our local economy without the drain to offshore in increasingly uncertain times, that is 100% a priority.

We were delighted to discover the home for the last 70 years the spinners of the Australian Cricket Team & who keep most of South Australia’s school children beautifully kitted out. In cricket & rugby jumpers.

So to add to our annual Classics Collection, we would like to introduce to you the Cricket Jumpers. As the home of the most beautiful cricket oval in the country, it’s just not cricket to not offer this as part of our Classics Collection.