We've asked the crafty & colourful Alexis Teasdale of The Festive Co to share her favourite Easter ideas. Adding a whole other level of magic to Easter. Fortune eggs. We're heading straight to the craft section.

Easter Fortune Eggs. 

Step 1.
I love making my Easter fortune eggs each year for our lunch table. I buy refillable plastic eggs - the kind you can find at any craft store - then spray them with a chalk paint. I love the matte finish!

Step 2. 

Then after that coat, I take another chalk spray in a different colour, and very gently press so that the paint comes out in spatters, to giving the egg a speckled look.

Step 3. 
Once dry, I fill them with anything fun, like shredded paper, confetti, some little choccie eggs and of course a fuzzy chick!

Step 4.
Finally, I write a little fortune, roll it up and add it to the filling. Once sealed, you can pile them into a bowl as decoration on the table, or add names and place them individually on each plate.

Easter Egg Hunt.

I also often do a mini version of these eggs for a garden Easter hunt when my kids cousins all come over. I’ll fill each mini plastic egg with a clue, and as a group they need to find where the bounty of eggs are hidden in our (very overgrown) garden.

Easter Ice-cream Cake. 

This little ice cream hack is a regular for kids Easter dessert - like they really need any! But I’ll have a classic ice cream cake from the supermarket on hand (I actually love making ice cream cakes, but usually there is no room in the freezer at Easter!) and then I’ll pinch some of the kids chocolate eggs while they’re not looking, and decorate the top with chocolate and berries.

I’ll try and find some sort of amazing decorated egg for the top. This year I found this fab, retro-style decorated sugar egg at Drakes (!) that I basically want to keep on the mantle forever. It’s a bit too big for the cake, but the kids will go bananas when they see it and I just love the kids joy during the holidays. So we’ll go big!

All images shot by @hellourbansafari.