Bubble and Squeak. Blue & White (& Ruffles & Ric Rac) Forever.

Bubble and squeak is a dish (DRESS) created out of leftovers (FABRICS) and it’s become one of our great recipes (DRESSES). JAMIE OLIVER. (Binny)

The first recorded recipes for Bubble and Squeak were written in the early 1800s, when any roasted left overs from Sunday’s dinner would be fried in the pan the next day to create this big and beautiful veggie patty. But it’s so damn good you shouldn’t have to wait for leftovers to enjoy it. As long as you use 60% potato, you can make the rest up using whatever you’ve got to hand. In the cockney cafés they call this ‘bubble’, and serve it alongside eggs for breakfast. Because it often sits in the pan for ages getting dark and crispy, it tends to take on a fairly dark and rather ugly colour, but ironically, those are often the tastiest bubble and squeaks of all.”

The idea for this dress, we could tell you is a environmental sustainable aim to have a zero waste collection, which is a lovely positive spin. When yes that’s true but in actual fact it was necessity. We have had to deal with countless delays as our production supply chain was shut down. As a brand that prides itself on unique prints when our printer is shut down and our whole collection is running months late, what do we do?

We rustled up all our excess stock fabrics. Keen eyes can spy prints from Treasure Island, Elephant Beach & Passage to India collections. All mixed and ruffled and ric racced up into the most loveliest dress this year. And just like Jamie said “ ironically, those are often the tastiest bubble and squeaks of all. ”

Welcome to our very first Bubble & Squeak dress.

He who hesitates is lost. Hashtag Collectors Item.

Shirred blouse top is very forgiving and ruffle layers are very flattering. We know it sounds crazy but its true! This is such a sweet dress on all body shapes. Wear on or off the shoulder. Pockets, ric rac trim & wonderful movement when you walk. Could easily go up or down a size due to the elastic nature of the bust.

Blue & White ( & Ruffles & Ric Rac) Forever.

Bubble and Squeak Dress by Binny.