SS22. The Land of Dreams.

SS22. The Land of Dreams.
The Land of Dreams
Kangaroo Island in South Australia is believed to be home to the world’s only remaining colony of purebred Ligurian bees, renowned for the quality of their honey. 
Bees were brought to the island in 1884. Like its name suggests, ‘Ligurian Bee’ honey originates from Liguria, a beautiful region of Italy, home to the picturesque Cinque Terre. Today the last genetically pure population of the Ligurian honeybees remains on Kangaroo Island. 
KI also has another famous export, gin. Among Kangaroo Island’s untouched cliffs and beaches Australia’s first gin distillery stands. 
This island’s ecosystem offers up native botanicals that set the stage for distilling the very essence & spirit of this unique place. 
And so we embroider cross stitched juniper berries weaved amongst embroidered seaside daisies & babylocked Ligurian bees.